What guides our actions

convelop stands for “joint development”. We take this very seriously, both within our team and with our clients.

Our work centres on the development of sustainable, viable solutions, wherein we attach great importance to the perspectives, experiences and competences of all persons involved. We are aware of the uniqueness of individuals and organisations, and consciously consider the respective needs and framework conditions.

We are interested in people and innovations. We respect different opinions. We do that in a dialogue, by listening actively and considering issues from most different angles. This is important for us to be able to “translate” in complex situations.

We are reliable and deliver on schedule. At the same time, we allow enough time for developments to unfold. We are confident in the potential of our clients.


We are curious, and like to scratch the surface. Simple surface cosmetics is not our style. We search for underlying, deeper causes, with scientific instruments and meticulousness.

In short: we are creative in finding ideas, and pragmatic in implementing them. The joy in working together and a good sense of humour are important motivators for us.

We are characterised by a humanistic idea of man. We are aware of the related responsibility, both in social and societal terms. Therefore, we also are committed to the ethics contract of the Collective Agreement for Research Organisations which was substantially co-developed by Karin Grasenick.

We are a solid and trustworthy partner with “handshake quality”. But beyond that, we adhere to written agreements, such as the terms and conditions for business consultancies.