Who we are

Who we are

convelop stands for “joint development”.

We design processes where diverse opinions contribute to a viable, shared solution.

We are an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in mathematics and technics, economics, management, social and system sciences. In addition to this broad knowledge base, we have a range of competences and characteristics. This diversity enables us to work both in a creative and scientifically sound, in an exact and pragmatic way at the same time.

We are particularly interested in topics related to research, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, EU structural policy and regional development, diversity and change management.

Our work contributes to the development of economic and innovation policy and to an enhanced use of societal diversity.

How to reach us

Location Graz

Bürgergasse 8-10/I
A-8010 Graz
Tel: +43 316 720813-11

Location Vienna

Erdbergstraße 82/4
A-1030 Vienna
Tel: +43 664 41 68 067

Who you can find here
  • Karin Grasenick

    Creative head, balanced moderations. Developing and implementing novelties....

  • Markus Gruber

    Strategies and structures. Europe and regions. Programmes and evaluations. Always keeping track of things. ...

  • Thomas Jud

    Science and business, research and finance, transfer and communication, is a live wire....

  • Renate Handler

    Develop a common understanding of structures and processes, solution-oriented organising....

  • Magdalena Kleinberger-Pierer

    Detect and understand interrelations. Overall perspective with an eye for detail....

  • Simon Pohn-Weidinger

    Economic background knowledge. Evaluations, calming influence....

  • Daniel Kröll

    Reducing to the essentials – finding common ground – creating understanding...

  • Ursula Reiterer

    Fighting against entropy and bringing order into the chaos....

  • Konstantin Melidis


How do we integrate students

Our teaching activities at Austrian universities cover diversity management, system sciences and interdisciplinary practical trainings in environmental system sciences. Furthermore, we are open for cooperation and exchange with interested students.


We closely collaborate with the universities in Graz and supervise bachelor and master theses according to our core thematic areas. Currently, we are interested in following issues:

  • Quantitative measurement of diversity in companies; instruments to assess social capital and diversity
  • Applicability of strategic diversity management in businesses of different sizes
  • Complex (research-) projects: Innovation, management, risk

We also invite students to contribute their own ideas. Further information:


Magdalena Pierer
Tel.: +43 316 720 813-14

convelop Juniors

There is the possibility to work with us as a „convelop junior“. The actual availability of such internships is subject to specific projects. Further information:

We are looking for convelop juniors