What do we do for you

Ask us for solutions whenever…

What do we do for you

Ask us for solutions whenever…

your processes depend on facts and figures as well as on dialogues with all stakeholders.

the competences and motivation of all parties involved is crucial for your success

you want to develop your own solutions and to this end would appreciate some coaching and process support

Customized to your needs, we develop…

Strategies and innovative concepts

Curiosity, creativity and dialogue enable us to develop up-to-date concepts.

Concepts created by convelop predominantly deal with issues of economic policy as well as with the combination of innovation, technology and human potential. We develop detailed thematic programes as well as framework strategies, with one of our thematic priorities on EU structural policy.

These aspects are of particular importance to us:

  • practical orientation and feasibility
  • consideration of recent developments and framework conditions
  • structured and clear preparation

Strategies and concepts are the starting point for change processes. If required, we are happy to further accompany these processes.

Evaluation and monitoring

We evaluate programmes and organisations as well as individual measures or projects.

We are guided by a systemic understanding and strive to reveal causal relations and interdependencies. We pay particular attention to working in a process-oriented way and engaging the persons involved.

Discussing objectives, alternatives, framework conditions, and available resources is important to us. In this way, we support our clients in establishing target- and effect-oriented programmes.


These aspects are of particular importance to us:

  • combination of facts and figures with qualitative assessments
  • consideration of framework conditions and contexts
  • demonstration of potentials and scope for action

We are a member of the Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (fteval).


Analyses and reports

We process complex scientific findings in a concise and understandable manner. For our analyses, we collect our own data (e.g. by surveys, interviews, or focus groups), and use available statistical material.

Regular reports support the continuous monitoring and documentation mostly by public authorities. They require a good technical overview and profound knowledge of the usable statistical data.

These aspects are of particular importance to us:

  • sound and well-balanced presentation
  • clear, well-structred and appealing design
  • proper graphical editing
Moderation and process support

Good outcomes are the result of well-designed processes. The bottom line is to engage and integrate all persons involved. Ultimately, it is their different perspectives, goals and experiences that are decisive for success.

Together with our clients, we design and implement such successful development and change processes. We also offer our know-how for project coaching, and moderate large and small events, workshops and focus groups.

These aspects are of particular importance to us:

  • communication that is considered enriching by all persons involved
  • written records that serve as sound reports for further work
  • agile methods, change and diversity management